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At a loss for where to begin when trying to secure Social Security benefits? Action Disability Representatives is here to provide you with helpful hints and great service!

Tips for Interacting with the Social Security Administration

  • List all impairments not just your main impairment.
  • Submit as much information as you can about all your treating sources (doctors, etc.).
  • Be very accurate and write clearly when describing your past work.
  • Submit “To Whom it May Concern” letters of support from people who can credibly comment on how your impairments limit your ability to function.
  • Were you in Special Education? It matters.
  • Let Social Security know if your address and/or telephone number changes!
  • Use a lot of detail when responding to the Activity of Daily Living questionnaires.
  • If your doctor supports your bid to obtain or keep disability benefits, get him or her to write a letter in support of your claim.
  • Keep good records of your medical treatment.
  • Most importantly, always appeal each denial within the sixty day period! Better yet, hire us to do it for you.

CLICK HERE to download a MORE DETAILED, PRINTABLE version of these tips.


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